A Clogged Roof Drain collapses a roof of a historic Lodi building from the Weight of rainwater

The Woman's Club of Lodi is facing severe damage due to a clogged roof drain.

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The Woman's Club of Lodi is facing severe damage due to a clogged roof drain that caused rainwater to build up and collapse the building's roof. Members of the club are devastated by the situation, with wet floors, cracked walls, and a large hole in the ceiling. They were shocked by the incident and had no idea about the clogged drain. The water went all the way down to the basement, causing significant damage to the three-story building. The club building is a historical landmark, and the incident occurred just days before their 100th-anniversary celebration. The future of the building is uncertain, and the power has been shut off. However, the women of the club are determined to continue their charitable work and are hopeful that the community will support them through donations to help rebuild. They emphasize that the club is not just a building but a group of caring women who give back to multiple charities and scholarships for local organizations and schools.

The Woman's Club of Lodi

The Women's Club Of Lodi Historic Building

Website: https://thewomanscluboflodi.org/


It's a tragic reminder of how important it is to ensure that buildings are properly maintained and equipped to handle the elements. Our hearts goes out to all those impacted by this terrible event.
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